This website is a memorial to The Standard
as it was known locally

Latest updates:


Tony Batchelor has just finished writing his memoirs of STC, and you can download the document from his website:

In Memoriam

New website feature

Keith Waudby suggested an obituary / in memoriam page on this website, now that there are no employees' newsletters...
So please use this form to provide details of any STC New Southgate employees who have passed away (even if years ago),
and when we have collected a few they will be published on this website.

This website is my attempt to chart the New Southgate site's history from the days before STC first started to use it
until Nortel Networks bought it in 1991 then sold it in 2002.
And beyond - to be nosey about what happens to it in the future.

On this website we can have photos, descriptions, reminiscences, videos and even sounds if they exist!
If you have something to contribute please contact Rob White