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Recently found this picture of me at the STC Rifle Club, I think I was 11 or 12 at the time, so late 70s early 80s.

Carl Broadis
13th March 2016


Received from Jim Shaw between November 2015 and January 2016

Hi Rob,

Clearing out some old magazines I came across this advert for STC New Southgate in 1938. 

I see that Enterprise 1234 was in use in those days too, though I recall that Building 8 used ENT 1200 during my time.

Thanks again for the good work that you have done,


Jim Shaw

Hi Rob,

And now Aberdeen! (as it says)

Hope this is of interest too. The original paper is literally falling apart so thank goodness for scanners.

All the best,

Jim Shaw

(Click on an image above to see it full size)

Received from Chris Harry in November 2015

STC Netball Team 1945

On the right of the back row is my mother, Gladys Brown, however I don't know what she did at STC during the period she worked there, nor do I know who the others in the picture are which is not a lot of use!

Coincidentally, some 60 years after my mother had been there, I spent some time working for Barnet Council in the refurbished building overlooking the railway for a while back in 2005/6


Chris Harry

Received from Roderick (Rod/Roddy) Williams in November 2015

Memories from 1968-9 and a list of colleagues - do you know any of them?

Click here to view them

Received from David Hutt in March 2013

Photos from 1950-1954.

Click here to view them

Received from Fred Marsh in October 2012

A recent obituary of Stan Cox who worked at New Southgate and ran for Great Britain in the 10,000 metres at the 1948 Olympics and in the Marathon at Helsinki in 1952.

A photo of apprentices in 1950.

And Margaret Thatcher's visit to New Southgate in 1987.

Click here to view the above.

Received from Jerry Mortimore in October 2012

This photo of gold badges awarded to his father for 20, 25 and 30 years long service:

Received from Charles Matthews in July 2012

A photo of the 1960 graduate apprentices day: click here to see it.

Received from Dorothy Piper (née Chick) in July 2012

Photos of herself in the 1957 STC Games (Inter-Location Athletics): click here to see them.

Received from "Sailor Fred" Hillyer from June to August 2012

Details of MITER, Darts, ASC and much more: click here for Sailor Fred's memories page

Received from Jim Shaw in March & April 2012

Several scanned documents from the early 1970s Click here to view.

Received from Ian Bramble in March 2011

Pictures of his parents Brian and Sheila who both worked at The Standard between the 1950s and 1980s. Click here to view.

Received from Geoff Atkins in November 2010

The cover from the documents of the 1972 Grosvenor House meeting. Only one face I know and that's my father! I was, however, struck by two things which would be out of place today - the lone lady, and the pipe smoker - oh yes, and the suits and ties - how quaint!

My father, Victor (Vic) Atkins worked at New Southgate, Cockfosters, and New Barnet from the early part of World War II until he retired in about 1973. He joined as an internal auditor, and shortly after the war was given the opportunity to set up a department dealing with accounts for the various catering operations around the UK. As a child I remember visiting New Southgate on a Saturday morning when Dad worked in his office overlooking the sports field. A little later I spent a Summer holiday working for pocket money in Bob Brimm's machine shop in Building 8.

Dad retired from his position as Manager - Catering Administration (or something very similar), and for myself, having been born in 1946 "The Standard" was very much a part of my life through my childhood and into my twenties.

Your website brought back many memories of my childhood - not least my father's story of having avoided being killed by the WWII VI rocket which would have landed as he walked down the drive from the front gate had he not arrived late for work after an early morning haircut!! There by the grace of God nearly went I literally!!

Geoff Atkins

Received from Rod Hall in September 2010

Hi Rob, Thanks for the STC New Southgate site.

I have one photograph from my time at STC (1981-1983) of, if memory serves me, a 25 year’s service do for a lad named Ray Pickering. I've attached the photo. I've also left a message on the message board.

The only people in the photo I can name are my fellow employees from the Quality Assurance Test Services department.

In the front row, from the left are Keith Drage and John Benham, then Ray Pickering, a lady whose name I can't recall then Bill Heinley.

In the back row, second from the left is Guy Raboude then me (Rod Hall). The guy on the extreme right was our senior manager Lou or Lew something and the lady to the right of Ray Pickering was his secretary (and chauffer when he was banned from driving).

The rest are managers etc. whose names I probably never knew in the first place.

Best of luck with the site,

Rod Hall

From: John Sharp, 12th October 2010

The ''Lou'' on the extreme right is my former boss Lou Sallows who was Quality Engineering Manager and was responsible for the test section. The lady featured in the front row centre is Lou's secretary, Pat James, long retired and living in Somerset. Pat is my wife's aunt.

Received from Jim Shaw in March 2010

Photos of Building 8 Test Engineering in the 1970s Click here to view them.

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