The Other STC

For more than half a century the acronym STC has been a household word, ranking with other legends like BBC, GPO, RAC, BP and names of distinction such as Cossor, Pye, Marconi and Decca.

During an earlier century, that is in the late 1700's, Samuel Taylor Coleridge was writing his illustrious poetry among which compositions was the famous and often quoted, 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

Among his well known contemporaries and friends, who included Wordsworth, Lamb, De Quincey and Wedgwood, he was known affectionately as STC!

At the end of a book of his works, 'Coleridge', by Andrew Lang and published in 1898, there is an illustration by Patten Wilson, called 'STC', which serves as an epitaph to his memory. This is reproduced below:

Below is the book title in case anyone would like to find a copy:

Hopefully, as the book was published in 1898, there won't be a copyright problem using the illustration!

This page was devised and contributed by Henley Sterling, ex-STL