Tony Batchelor

Tony has just (March 2017) finished writing his memoirs of STC, and you can download the document from his website:

If you would like to get in touch with Tony, please use the contact form

Stan Springate

Stan contacted me to say:

" you know, I wrote 'Firm Friends' and 'Lie Down' - both extensive accounts about STC New Southgate of course.....and that copies are now hard to come by. Occasionally I get second hand copies offered back to me which I am pleased pass on to others(F.O.C! of course).

Well the point of all this is to say that because I wanted my own computer copy of Firm Friends I actually scanned all blinking 284 plus pages into my computer and can now make CD's/DVD's of it in PDF. and some gents have got them for their own needs and research. Believe it or not a couple of gents claim they have read the whole book off the screen! 'Lie Down' is of course much smaller so it is in Word.

So if you should know of anyone who might want a copy of Firm Friends and/or Lie Down, I propose to include Lie Down (still in Word) on the same disc as Firm Friends and therefore make the price, say, for the combined disc £8.50 incl.p&p. (Adobe Reader is of course required)."

If you'd like a copy of both of these books scanned onto disc, please contact Rob White, and I'll put you in touch with Stan.