This website was conceived by Rob White and Robert Snelling

It seemed a shame that the history of The Standard might become lost in the mists of time, so we thought we'd do something about it.

Many thanks to the following, who have contributed to the site so far:

30/08/02 Tony Barratt took the shots of the empty site on the day of the farewell wake and sent them to Robert Snelling who relayed them to me over a series of weekends (cheap rate phone calls for his modem...)
09/10/02 I registered the domain name (don't know why I'm thanking myself, but it seemed to fit into the story)
21/10/02 Robert Snelling sent me some photos and scanned documents from his archives
23/10/02 Stevie Street contacted Stan Springate (who wrote several books about the site) and passed me materials loaned by Stan
30/10/02 I met Laura Newbury, Vi Maile, Ann Pitcher, and Stan Springate in Harlow. Laura loaned some photos of the Carnival and farewell party
10/11/02 I visited Stan Springate and borrowed an album of photos of the site in the 1930's
24/11/02 Robert Snelling visited ex-BNR colleague Muriel Maddox and they scanned in some photos and a book cover and emailed them to me
09/12/02 Laura Newbury's NewsLink magazine was posted to pensioners and it mentioned this site, so there was a flurry of activity the following weekend
16/12/02 Martin Cope sent me a soft copy of Brian Foot's account of the V1 disaster that was published in the internal Engineering News bulletin in August 94 (50 years after the event) - soft copies are great, thanks Martin!
19/12/02 Robert Snelling emailed a scan of a Christmas card from STC days for the humour section.
30/12/02 Henley Sterling emailed his idea for The Other STC with the text and scanned pictures
03/01/03 Jerry Mortimore emailed many photos of Bomb Disposal, Children's Parties, and Sports Days in the 1950s, and the Flying Scotsman.
09-19/01/03 Jerry Mortimore sent photos of the STC Plane and Villa and information about Apprentice pay rates in the 1965
02/02/03 Chris Notton sent photos of the Building 4 Farewell Posters taken on 19th August 2002
07/05/03 John Chenery and Nigel Pope told me about the Light Straw website, added to the links page
04/07/03 Jean Oakleigh (née Bastendorf) sent me the Rugby Club's 75th Anniversary booklet from Australia
22/08/03 Jack T McDonnell expanded on his previous item in the memories page
14/10/03 Fred Howard sent his President's Address from the final ASC AGM
26/10/03 Jack T McDonnell sent a photo to include in his expanded memories page
05/11/03 Peter Smith sent a photo of BT & System X contractors from about 1978. See the memories page
02/12/03 Frank Heinley tipped me off about the news article in yesterday's Telegraph
09/12/03 John Burness sent some photos from the 60's for the memories page
02/01/04 David Hall sent some photos from his apprenticeship for the memories page
01/03/04 Fred Harris sent some recollections for the memories page
16/07/04 David Hall sent some more notes for the memories page
13/04/05 Michael Ray sent some memories for the memories page
20/04/05 Keith Waudby sent some photos and memories which I've put in the miter page
07/06/05 David Read sent some photos and information about Scientific & Projections Ltd, asking for help with research
01/08/05 Jerry Mortimore sent photos of the Sports Day in 1977
21/11/05 Alan Hedges sent photo memories from his time at The Standard 1953-1964
14/09/06 Bryan Trigwell sent photo memories of a train crash alongside The Standard in 1946.
23/03/07 Tony Tricker sent memories of his time with System X in the 1980s..
28/03/07 Tony Tricker sent a DVD of the STC System X promotion video for the memories page.
14/11/07 John Key sent photos of an emergency evacuation in the 1970s.
09/12/07 Stan Springate sent a cartoon and photos of his books.
14/12/07 & 10/03/08 John Kirk sent photos from the 1950's for the memories page.
20/03/08 Dave Hall sent another photo from his apprenticeship days for the memories page
20/03/08 Paul Newman sent pictures from his time in the auxiliary fire service for the memories page
23/07/08 Anne Holness sent pictures from her time in drawing office for the memories page
21/03/09 Keith Waudby sent pictures from the 1980's for the memories page
02/06/09 Tom Wells sent pictures and memorabilia from the early 1960's for the memories page
25/07/09 Ian Cox sent a picture of the lake as seen from a lab window in the 80's - added to the memories page
24/03/10 Jim Shaw sent pictures of the test area in Building 8 in 1976 - added to the memories page
03/10/10 Rob Hall sent a picture of Ray Pickering's 25-year anniversary in the early 1980's - added to the memories page
23/11/10 Geoff Atkins sent a picture of the 1972 meeting at Grosvenor House - added to the memories page
19/02/11 Jean Oakleigh and David Lunnon sent a scan of STC News from the 1950s, telling The History of New Southgate - and Cemetery Station from 1954 - added to the 1950s timeline
06/03/11 Ian Bramble sent photos of his parents Brian Bramble and Sheila Brown from the 1950's - 1980's. Click here to view them in the memories section.
19/04/11 Emmanuel Pobee of Homefront Property Consultants discovered some memorabilia whilst clearing the house of Marjorie Green. Marjorie had been an STC employee since 1949, retiring in 1983 after 34 years' service. Emmanuel kindly brought the items to me, and I am in the process of getting them onto the website. So far I have added the STC Centenary brochure from 1983.
17/04/12 Simon Stormer suggested mentioning Geoff Potter's funeral on the site, so people would know where and when...
19/04/12 Jim Shaw sent a scan of the STC Terms & Conditions booklet and other documents, from 1969 and the early 1970s
27/06/12 Sailor Fred Hillyer started sending information about MITER, A&SC, Darts and much more. Click here for his page.
15/07/12 Dorothy Porter (née Chick) sent a photos of the 1957 STC inter-location athletics. See the Memories page.
16/07/12 Charles Matthews sent a photo of 1960 apprentices. See the Memories page.
30/09/12 Jerry Mortimore sent a photo of his father's long-service awards. See the Memories page.
14/10/12 Fred Marsh sent various articles photos and letters for the Memories page.
25/03/13 David Hutt sent photos for the Memories page.
08/11/15 Roderick Williams sent a scan of a list of names of colleagues he worked with in 1968-9 - added to the memories page
08/11/15 Chris Harry sent a photo of a 1945 netball team - added to the memories page
25/11/15 Jim Shaw sent a scan of an STC advert from 1938 - added to the memories page
11/01/16 Jim Shaw sent a scan of another STC advert from 1938 - added to the memories page
13/03/16 Carl Broadis sent a photo of his younger self at the Rifle Club from probably late 1970's - added to the memories page
15/03/17 Tony Batchelor sent a link to his memoirs - added to the books page
01/10/17 Dave Dunk sent a photo of the building 6 bomb damage, viewed from building 8

Who's next ??

If you'd like to help contribute to this site with photos, stories, or memorabilia please contact Rob White